Many people are being put in a situation in which they are working from home or at the very least, spending more time at home in general. After the shelter-in-place phase, many of us will realize whether want we want different about our surroundings. Now is the time to MOVE or IMPROVE. Our team can help you find your new home or design a remodel for your existing home. One potential option is a brand new basement remodel! While other rooms in a home are designated for specific purposes, a basement can be used for anything! Home office, home gym, movie theater, play room…the possibilities are endless. Another great idea is a brand new gourmet kitchen! With this shelter-in-place time, many have taken to spending a lot more time preparing meals in the kitchen. While many have been opting for more food delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have also opted to use this time to take up an interest in cooking! This would also be the perfect time to upgrade your current kitchen layout so that you can fully enjoy your new hobby even when we are in better times. Another great option is an outdoor living space. While many are taking the time to enjoy more time outdoors, an outdoor living space provides an ideal way to interact with the outside world. The possibilities include options such as a fire pit or even a grill. However, if you see moving as a better option, our teams of realtors are ready to assist. Please let us know if you have any questions on MOVING or IMPROVING as we are here to help.