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Not sure whether to MOVE or IMPROVE?

Our team can provide valuable information that will help you and your family decide which is best.
MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ is a woman-owned and family-run business.


  • Realtors
  • Project Designers


  • MOVE or IMPROVE options detailed in a report illustrating Dollars and “Sense”
  • Two comprehensive meetings with two team members


  • 100% of the fee is credited with the next step services provided
  • Let professional realtor Jacki Venezio and the DBP team professionally help you and your family decide whether it’s best to MOVE or IMPROVE.


  • First consultation is to discover the family’s desires and considerations. $250 fee
  • If hired ($1,200 with the initial consultation fee applied), a written report is prepared by the MOVE or IMPROVE team which includes:

MOVE Analysis:

  • Current market value
  • Comparable neighborhood listings and sales
  • List of need to fix and update task items for preparation to show the home
  • Remodeler’s cost estimate
  • Strategy plan for marketing and selling the home
  • List of local (or desired town/area) homes to buy that already have all the desired features and upgrades

IMPROVE Analysis:

  • Personalized list of desired upgrades
  • Remodeler budget ranges
  • Design and architectural fee estimate
  • Perform a simple feasibility study regarding local zoning codes for exterior and/or addition projects
  • Provide a macro timeline illustration of estimated Design, Pre-production and Production durations
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Jacqueline Venezio
  • The second, follow-up consultation is to deliver, discuss and review information and options.
  • 100% of the fee is credited toward the next step, MOVE or IMPROVE services provided
  • MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ is a division of Design Build Planners LLC
  • Jacqueline Venezio is a NJ licensed real estate agent and the CEO of Design Build Planners LLC

MOVE or IMPROVE? Call us NOW to discuss!