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Home Remodeling in New Jersey With IMPROVE or MOVE

Are you contemplating whether remodeling your home or selling it is the best choice for your circumstances and lifestyle? With most home improvement contractors in New Jersey, you’ll get the hard sell on why remodeling is better. Our services are different. At Improve or Move, we will provide you with the pros and cons of remodeling your home as well as listing it and finding a new or, to help you determine what path is best for your particular needs.

Home Remodeling in NJ

The Benefits

Home remodeling in NJ is a good investment regardless of how old your house is. Working with reputable home improvement contractors in NJ can provide you with many different advantages that you may not have considered. If your home is more than ten years old, chances are it needs some updating. When considering whether to remodel rooms in your NJ home or move, take the following advantages of remodeling into consideration.


1. Increase Comfort and Livability

The best home improvement ideas will improve your home’s functionality and comfort. Styles and trends change slowly, and while you may not notice them at first, they eventually become apparent. For example, open floor plans have become popular over the last several decades as they facilitate traffic flow and improve livability. Removing a wall to create space can achieve openness. Similarly, remodeling a bathroom to create a spa-like feel can provide an in-home refuge.

2. Creating More Room

Adding onto a home because you don’t have enough room for the entire family is one of the top reasons to consider home remodeling in NJ. Whether you need an extra bedroom, bathroom, family room, media/game room or even a combination of the above, putting an addition on your house can solve your square footage crunch. Home additions are a great solution if you love your NJ neighborhood and don’t want to uproot your family.

3. Increase Your Home’s Value

Even if you don’t plan to move anytime soon, keeping your home’s resale value in mind is a good reason to renovate. A home renovation in NJ can greatly increase your home’s value, and in some cases, not only pay for itself but even give you added value depending on the project. Renovated homes have better sales potential than those that retain all of their original features.

4. Decrease Maintenance and Lower Energy Bills

Replacing old windows and doors and adding insulation when you remodel will help save on energy bills. Replacing old, worn-out items will also reduce time and money spent on maintenance and head off future maintenance issues.

5. Fit Your Current Lifestyle

Sure there is nothing like the charm of an older home, but who wants to spend time making meals in a dingy outdated kitchen? New appliances and lighting can work wonders in your home and make your home an inviting gathering place. Overall, making your home inviting to your family as well as friends is the goal of successful home remodeling in NJ.

Home Remodeling Projects and Their ROI


A big concern of many NJ homeowners before they embark on a home remodeling project is what kind of return on investment (ROI). Let’s face it; not all home improvement projects are created equal. When it comes to remodeling ROI, two rooms stand out: the kitchen and the bathroom. That’s not to say you should ignore other areas of your home, but if you’re on a limited budget, those are the first two areas you should consider. Just how much ROI you’ll get from remodeling efforts depends on who you talk to, but the following projects generally bring over 80% ROI, and in some cases, even over 100%.



Creating a modern and functional kitchen will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also boost your enjoyment of preparing meals, enjoy daily activities and spending time with family members. Replacing old appliances with more energy-efficient models, refacing cabinets, installing new countertops, replacing hardware and flooring and repainting the walls will deliver a big return in addition to improving looks and usability. Another advantage of a kitchen renovation is that you don’t have to demolish the entire room to accomplish it. For every $15,000 spent in NJ, expect an average ROI of around $8,500.

Bathroom Escape

Stylish bathrooms also sell houses. From Powder rooms to second full baths to master bathrooms, remodels can add a lot to your home’s appeal. Even a minor bathroom remodel where you swap out items such as lighting fixtures, paint the walls, put in a new vanity and similar small improvements. Giving your bathrooms and updated look can go a long way. If you go for a full remodel in a master bath that turns the area into a spa-like retreat, it may actually convince prospective homeowners to buy your home in the long run. You can expect your ROI to range from 45% to 65%. Be aware, though, that bathrooms often need to start with a clean slate, so the entire room may have to be gutted.

What About My Basement?

Not every NJ home has a basement, but if you do, use it to your advantage as you can easily expand the usable living space of your home. Basement renovations are expensive, especially if you have an unfinished one, but you could realize an ROI of around 50%. Entertainment areas that include bars, media rooms and playrooms are popular, but other options include bedrooms, additional baths and even second kitchens.

What is the Average Cost to Renovate a House in NJ?


Whatever your project is, the Cost to Renovate a Home depends on the scope of your project. The cost to renovate a house also depends on your choice of home improvement contractors in NJ as some will cut corners to save costs while others will use only quality materials. Do you have a budget for a minor remodel or a major one? These figures can vary widely for kitchens and bathrooms, especially for the latter, when determining costs for a powder room or half-bath versus a large master bath. Thus, talking about ranges makes sense. For a kitchen remodeling project, look at a cost of renovations that ranges from $200 to $500 per square foot, which translates to a range of $30,000 to $75,000 for a 150 square foot space. Expect the typical Cost of Renovations to range between $20,000 and $150,000.


For bathrooms, the range isn’t so extreme as prices go from $12,081 to $25,310. However, if you’re talking about a large master bathroom, you can expect to spend up to $65,000 because of the realm of amenities available. Labor is the biggest factor here, so if you’re only doing small updates, you won’t spend as much on labor as someone who is doing a complete shower/bath redo. Material prices stay roughly the same, so plan your renovation accordingly.


If your basement is unfinished, it’s a blank canvas. How fancy you want to make it is the key to the final price. Ranges here are also wide as you can spend as little as $30,000 to as much as $250,000. The size of your basement plays into it too. Again, you can expect to pay more when using a designer and high-end materials along with furniture and decor that you wouldn’t necessarily need in an above-ground room.

How Long Does a Home Renovation NJ Take?

The time needed to accomplish home remodeling in NJ depends on the scope of the project. If you want to remodel your entire home, expect it to take three to nine months. Kitchen renovations can take three to five months, while bathroom renovations can take six weeks to three months. Basement renovations are in a class of their own, taking one to two months. Note that these timelines include interviewing contractors and having consultations with them, getting quotes, and having the actual construction occur. The process of getting home improvement ideas from various NJ home contractors will figure into your overall timeline, so don’t expect your home to be disrupted for that entire period.


What Sets Us Apart as NJ Home Improvement Contractor?

When searching for home improvement contractors near me in NJ, Move or Improve can provide you with several advantages that you may not find with other home improvement contractors. Our principals have extensive experience in many areas that you may not find anywhere else. Neil Parsons is a national award-winning project design consultant and real estate agent and real estate agent who works directly with homeowners planning remodeling projects. He has offered his expertise in various places, including HGTV.

Our other principal, Jason Parsons, is our chief project designer. Parsons has achieved many industry designations as he is a NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. He has also appeared on HGTV and named a National Top 40 Remodeler Under 40 in 2012 and has published several articles on the design/build process. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Our company and team members have won Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence, Regional Remodeler of the Year, Qualified Remodel Master Design, VSI Award of Distinction, Houzz Best of 2019 and 2020, and Houzz Best of Service 2017-2019.


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