Growing up, people always dream about living on their own and having full control of the household. However, maybe leaving your parent’s house isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Research shows that multi-generational living has increased by 12% since the ‘80s, (Hines, 2020).

Let’s talk about including an in-law suite in your home. In-law suites are private areas inside or outside the home that give a separate living space for an adult to live. The space can range from just a separate bedroom and bathroom to having their own kitchen and walkout door to the outside. These mother-daughter homes are perfect for living with a parent or adult so you can have your own privacy in the house while still having the benefit of living with them.

One of the main reasons people love multi-generational living is, of course, spending time with their loved ones. This is especially convenient to have parents, siblings, etc. in the house if you have small children. Multi-generational living is a big comfort for first time parents or those with newborns because they will have extra hands on deck to take care of the child. Grandparents will get to assist with taking care of their grandchildren and be a permanent babysitter for the parent’s date nights! Having the support of family is always ideal and having them physically there helps a lot in raising children.

multi generational home

Multi-generational living is also a money-saver by sharing the cost of living. Since everyone is an adult, they probably mostly, if not completely can take care of themselves. This way, all the adults in the household are independent but could be sharing the cost of utilities, food, etc. Depending on the space of your in-law suite, you can even rent it out!

In-law suites that are especially separated from the main part of the home can be rented as an Airbnb for travelers. This is a great investment to add a separate in-law suite from the house while still having it on the property. It adds value to your home, and it is appealing for buyers particularly in the market these recent years because it will meet anyone’s space needs. Even if you don’t have anyone living in there anymore or never did, the functionality is unbeatable! These suites can be used as a hang out space for teens, an office, to host entertainment, and more!

Mother-daughter homes can also save you money when considering the cost of assisted living. Why put your loved ones in assisted living facilities when you can have them comfortably sharing your home? In-law suites are perfect for older adults who cannot live on their own but don’t want to live isolated in a housing facility. Older adults living in multi-generational houses have explained that they find it mentally stimulating, active, and of course more comfortable, (Cohen, 2019).

This in turn helps them stay healthy mentally and physically, and live longer while aging in place. You can add an in-law suite onto your home or surf the real estate market for one move in ready with your needs. Either way, MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ has you covered with the next steps. Call Jacki Venezio or Neil Parsons at (908) 533-1753 today to learn more about an addition or MOVE.