If you love home remodels and are constantly looking for ways to upgrade your home, you are probably familiar with the TV network, HGTV. On the network is a show called Love It or List It where homeowners must decide if they want to IMPROVE their home or MOVE to the next. It consists of a realtor and project designer that take homeowners to see houses to possibly move to while remodeling their current home at the same time. Of course, the HGTV show Love It or List It makes the process look much more glamorous and gives viewers an unrealistic expectation of how it works.

MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ can be compared to Love It or List It popular show, except our process is more practical and for real people like you. We will provide you with a MOVE analysis and an IMPROVE analysis to help you decide which is the most efficient decision for you and your home.  

MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ is a team of realtors and project designers that will walk you through the process of remodeling or selling your home. We will provide you with a MOVE analysis that includes the current market value, a list of updated task items, a strategic plan for marketing and selling your home, local homes that have your desired updates, and so much more!

love it or list it

On Love It or List It, they have actors that simply take your list of needs in a home and try to find local ones to meet your criteria. Most of the time, the homeowners are not thrilled with the houses they show them as they never meet their basic criteria. Not to mention, they have a limit of three houses that they are shown. With our trusted realtor, Jacki Venezio, you are sure to be shown several New Jersey homes that you fall in love with.

With your IMPROVE analysis, award-winning Project Designer Neil Parsons and the Design Build Planners team will provide you with a personalized list of desired upgrades, remodeler budget ranges, design, and an architectural fee estimate, and more!

This does not compare to Love It or List It, where they only provide you with a number estimate that is never enough in the end. There is always an issue with the design of the house that causes homeowners to pay thousands of dollars more! MOVE or IMPROVE’s HGTV services will be realistic for your home from the start and assist your ideal house dream with professional advice and a feasible plan.

The producers on the show supposedly do not let the homeowners choose most of the work they want doing to the house and instead do whatever they feel is best for the show (Shinners, 2016). You can rely on MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ to respect your wishes on your remodel while offering you expert advice on what may be most functional for your home!

As you can see, while HGTV shows are entertaining to watch, they are not always as realistic for the average homeowner like yourself. When debating if it is best to MOVE or IMPROVE your home, call our experts Jacki Venezio and Neil Parsons at MOVE or IMPROVE in NJ today for a FREE phone consultation!