The real estate business, while rewarding, can be extremely challenging. While a good deal of hard work is required, there is something to be said for luck and positive energy in every potential transaction. Superstition, tradition, ritual…nothing is off-limits when it comes to what is often one of the biggest transactions in many people’s lives. Anyone who has been through the real estate process knows that no stone can be left unturned until there’s the final “SOLD!” at the end of the tunnel. Read below to find some potential “good luck” ideas that may aid you in your real estate endeavors.

  • Feng Shui: From space clearing to positive energy generation or flow, this is a field that has been around for quite some time and is gaining a lot of traction
  • Saint Joseph: Known as the “Patron Saint of Real Estate”. There are thousands of stories that burying a Saint Joseph statue on the property has helped speed along the process. However, there are different thoughts on the best positioning of the statue—so make sure you do your research and choose the option that feels right to you!
  • Beware of the Number 4: While much is made about the number “13” in U.S. culture, the number “4” is considered bad luck in Chinese culture. The English pronunciation of “four” is very close to the Chinese pronunciation for “death” and thus could potentially represent misfortune.
  • Essential Oils and Natural Products: As the essential oil market continues to grow; many people believe that essential oils; which let off a distinct scent can help set the mind and mood of the potential buyer. Some also believe in burning sage to send off bad spirits

While there are many different rituals that can be performed in the “luck” side of real estate; it will always be a challenge; there is really no substitute for hard work and determination. Therefore, it is important to align yourself with a continuously grinding real estate agent that is constantly working hard in your best interest.