When selecting a countertop, the two most common options are
granite and quartzite. Below you will find breakdown of each materials pros and

Granite is pure stone that is cut into “slabs” and then
polished. Due to the natural element of granite, each granite countertop is unique
and gives you a variety of different options to choose from; even if looking at
the same style of stone. Due to its purity, granite is usually more expensive
to install, open to potentially cracking, and will need on-going sealing to
maintain the presence of the countertop.

Quartzite is an engineered stone product. While there are
countertops that may have a level of natural quartzite, all quartzite
countertops are made consisting of some proprietary blend. Due to these
countertops being engineered, there are many different styles available, but
very little variation within the product line. Quartzite is can be found at
lower price points than granite for this reason. There is also very little
maintenance that needs be done with quartzite countertops.

In the end, there are pros and cons to each. You, the
homeowner, will need to make a selection based on you and your family plan on
using the space. It’s also very important to find a style that you fall in love